Attention!!! Service has been shut down!!!

I hit Usage Limit on Vercel and since I don't want my account to be blocked I've decided to shut the service and release the code so everyone could host it by themselves.
I'm really sorry for that, but there's no other available options for me.
If you gonna self-host the instance, feel free to share link to it with friends, so they don't have to re-host it.
Don't worry about hitting the limit, you have to receive really big load of requests to hit it, like it was in my case.

Deploy with Vercel

Selfhostable version of the service can be found here!

Thanks everyone for using the service, till the next time 👋

How to self-host?

  1. Create GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket account if you don't have one.
  2. Login on Vercel with it.
  3. Go there
  4. Under Create Git Repository choose same service as on step 1
  5. Enter repository name, it will become https://[repo-name].vercel.app/ after the deploy
  6. Click Create, when it finish you will be redirected.
  7. Done!

What? Why?

Currently some requests sent from IFTTT to Discord fail because because too many requests to this host. As workaround I made mirror/bridge which will run requests through itself, additionally provide new features, handle ratelimits.

Here are some notable improvements:


Replace discord.com with discord-ifttt.vercel.app in webhook url and you're ready to go.


Hi, I'm Birdie and I made this :) There's some other stuff I created: